KSh 122,000

Desktop Computers

Lenovo V50T Desktop

KSh 52,000
KSh 20,000

Desktop Computers

HP 18.5” Monitor

KSh 11,000
KSh 60,000
Out of stock
KSh 65,000
Out of stock
KSh 53,000
Out of stock
KSh 39,000

Computer Accessories

1.92TB Kingston A400 2.5″ SSD

KSh 28,500

Computer Accessories

960GB Kingston A400 2.5″ SSD

KSh 13,000

Computer Accessories

480GB Kingston A400 2.5″ SSD

KSh 8,500

Computer Accessories

240GB Kingston A400 2.5″ SSD

KSh 5,300

Computer Accessories

120GB Kingston A400 2.5″ SSD

KSh 4,200

Computer Accessories

DJ-681 Gaming Stereo Headphones

KSh 2,500

Computer Accessories

Xnano Android TV Box X96 pro

KSh 4,500
KSh 6,000

Prompt and efficient service, be it CCTV or IT related, both software & hardware. Key support to Saifee Foundation Medical Centre

Irshad Adamjee / Saifee Foundation Medical

Hakimi Tech Systems Owner Juzer provides excellent IT related services. He repairs & sells desktops/laptops plus its accessories. He personally supervises his projects/clients and gives an honest opinion. If you are looking for someone you can trust & get a good value for your money then Juzer is the right guy when it comes to IT. His consultations are free & his services are guaranteed.

Husein Hassanali / Diamond Industries Ltd

Highly professional team.

Terence Otucho / Computer Pride Training Center
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